Daniela G completed her basic education in the regional area, which allowed her to be admitted to university. She studied design but continued to pursue music steadily. At the young age of three, Daniela G received her first violin, and since then, her passion for the instrument has never waned. On her path to becoming a professional musician, Daniela has enchanted her audience with the sound of her violin through numerous concerts and arrangements. To expand her playing skills, she decided to break away from her predetermined musical path as a classical violinist and began improvising and composing to modern beats and rhythms.


Her unique quality sets her apart, and she has already achieved success as a background musician alongside international artists in the music industry such as Robbie Williams and the GREGORIAN World Tour. She has now made a name for herself on international stages worldwide.

Daniela G has a clear vision. She wants to introduce the violin, which is still closely associated with classical music, to younger generations and convince listeners that this instrument can also be modern and trendy. 

Düsseldorf, the creative metropolis and well-known city of art and culture, can look forward to a new addition. Daniela G, an exceptional musician who skillfully applies her talent and seamlessly blends her musical knowledge with the sounds of David Guetta & Co.

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